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Hi!  My name is Sally Hall. 

My life has been a wild ride of ups, downs, twists, and turns.  Negative words, shattered dreams, acts of rejection, betrayal, failures as well as broken and lost relationships—all of it, has shaped my thinking and trained my mind. The wild ride has brought me joy, messed me up and has taken me higher and lower than I ever imagined.  Can you relate?

I discovered the hard way that whether riding up or down, my self-talk became what I believed about myself, others, my life, and the world in general. My basis for making decisions was whatever felt right, was comfortable or made me happy.  Of course, these things could change from day-to-day! 

Honestly, my wild ride in this crazy world was like being on the biggest, most scary roller coaster ride in the dark with no strong bar to grip!  It wasn’t until I was in my 40’s that I discovered God in His Word had much to say about this world in which we live, the people in it and why the ride is so wild.  Who knew?  I certainly didn't so when I finally got my grip on the strong bar of God’s Word; my first thoughts were “Had I only known sooner!” and “Why didn’t someone tell me?

Whether serving in ministry leadership positions, writing Bible studies or speaking at numerous retreats, seminars or conferences, my driving passion, heart’s desire, and life’s mission is to help others discover and embrace God’s Word as absolute truth—sooner rather than later! Because I know what it’s like to have a messed-up thought life, and no idea how to make things better, my heart aches for people to understand the Bible as our manual for life meant to be explored, enjoyed, treasured, and lived out!

You see, Jesus saved my soul, and God's Word saved my mind!

My husband Tom has been on the wild ride through this crazy world with me since 1976.  Up and down we've gone, and  we've zig-zagged the country living in a variety of states. Along the way, we've found dear friends and served in some remarkable churches. Tom and I have no children, but God has allowed us the privilege of “birthing” a ministry called Truth for Women.  At that time, the ministry networked with hundreds of churches in the Lehigh Valley, PA and promoted and hosted weekly Bible studies, as well as conferences, where thousands would discover, “What does this whole Christian thing look like?” “How do I approach the Bible?”

We have also had the privilege of working and serving in a ministry that exists to establish people in God’s Word. Tom was the Executive Director, and COO and I had the opportunity to help develop and implement a high impact volunteer program. Hundreds of volunteer leaders and teams were trained, coached and mobilized to impact their communities to help people discover God’s Word for themselves. As such, Jesus would forever change families, children, and communities.

On a personal note, we take long drives through the mountains of Tennessee in the car Tom has had since his college days. That 1957 Chevrolet Belair is special as Tom was sitting in it the first time he said the words “I love you.”

Let me share with you some pictures of people and things I love and enjoy.